Save A Cow Foundation

Anthony Walsgott founded the Save a Cow Foundation in 2010 and has saved more than 300 cows, calves, steers and bulls from the slaughterhouse and dairy industries.

Anthony cares for them all on a number of Save A Cow Sanctuaries scattered across the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia., where they are living out the remainder of their natural lives safely and free from human exploitation and cruelty. 

Many cow residents have been rehabilitated and nursed back to health by Anthony from their previous cruelty filled lives.

Save A Cow is the largest cow sanctuary in Australia and one of the largest farm animal rescue sanctuaries in the world.

Everyone is welcome to get involved in Save A Cow, from visiting the residents on Open Days, to sponsoring one of the cow residents, to organizing fund-raising Events for Save A Cow or to becoming an affiliate organization working with Save A Cow.

Save A Cow values all beings as individuals and the cow residents are treated with such respect.

Save A Cow is helping create a fairer, healthier and more compassionate world.


Save A Cow Foundation is a Not For Profit Organization, a Charity registered with ASIC as the Save A Cow Foundation (Ltd), which is a Charitable Purpose Company Limited by Guarantee (ACN: 615 082 089) whose Constitution contains the following Charitable Purposes:

1. To save ‘cows’ (i.e. cows, calves, bulls and steers) and members of other vegan species from the slaughterhouse and from situations of cruelty and neglect, by legal means (such as buying direct from farmers, saleyards and taking legal ownership of rescued cows from their current legal owners) and providing sanctuary and care for them all for the term of their natural lives on the Save A Cow Sanctuaries;

2. To educate the public about cows and the lives of cows (such as their individual personalities, family structures and dynamics, social structures and dynamics and their interests and activities), animal legal rights and veganism through various means such as holding Save A Cow Open Days on the Save A Cow Sanctuaries, holding public educational and fundraising events and through promotion, advocacy and fundraising on all forms of public and social media; and,

3. To fundraise in order to raise the necessary money to finance the saving and caring for the cows on the Save A Cow Sanctuaries, the costs of establishing and running Save A Cow Sanctuaries and the running costs of the Save A Cow Foundation Ltd in order to achieve this fundraising and the aforementioned purposes.


Save A Cow Vegan Eco Sanctuary Tours


Bush to Beach Bus Tour / Road Trip comprising Summer Farm Cow Sanctuary Maleny – Luxury Mansion o/n Burrum Heads Beach – Turtles at Mon Repos – Sight - seeing Bundaberg - St. Agnes Cow & Goat Sanctuary - all meals included.

Details of Tour:

Feb 02 at 11am – Feb 03 at 6pm


Free Pick-up from Brisbane Airport for Brisbane

and beyond guests (incl. interstate/overseas).

. Guests to arrive at Summer Farm Cow Sanctuary

at 11am (Address to come to: 834 Maleny

Stanley River Road, Booroobin, Qld 4552, 10

minutes south of Maleny)

. Lunch provided at Summer Farm

. Guided tour of Summer Farm Cow Sanctuary

. Leave Summer Farm at 3pm

. Transport in mini-bus to Bundaberg

. Arrive at your luxury mansion on the beach at

Burrum Heads Beach near Bundaberg for your

overnight stay

. Vegan gourmet dinner + wine included

. Breakfast and lunch following day included

. Transport and admission to Mon Repos Turtle


. Transport and admission to St. Agnes Goat &

Cow Sanctuary

. Transport back to Maleny.

. Tour ends at 6pm at Maleny.

- $445 inclusive.

- Hosted by Anthony Walsgott and Julianne

Watson of the Save A Cow Foundation

Payments to please be made into the Save A Cow bank account below (Please reference your ticket deposit with tour01):


The full details for the Save A Cow bank account are:

Account Name: Save A Cow

Bank: ANZ Australia

BSB: 014645

Account Number: 455573227

Swift Code: ANZBAU3M (the Swift Code is for overseas people and it enables Australian bank accounts to be linked to overseas bank accounts)



There are a number of Sponsorship Options available for sponsoring a SACF cow resident (please see 'Sponsorship Options' below). Once you have made your choice between the various Sponsorship Options please deposit your Sponsorship Payment into the Save A Cow bank account (full details of the Save A Cow bank account are found below). Once you have completed your sponsorship payment into the Save A Cow bank account please send an email to and you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship of your sponsored SACF cow resident, which will include a photo and a short bio of your sponsored cow. This Certificate of Sponsorship also entitles you to 2 free visits to "Save A Cow Open Days" & 2 visits by appointment to see your SACF sponsored cow & the other cows who reside on the particular Save A Cow Foundation Sanctuary where your sponsor cow resides. These visits are transferable to someone else of your choice. All sponsorship money contributes to meeting the costs of caring for the SACF cow residents on the various SACF Sanctuaries. Thank you for helping the cows!


The full details for the Save A Cow bank account are:

Account Name: Save A Cow

Bank: ANZ Australia

BSB: 014645

Account Number: 455573227

Bank Address: Corner of Teak & Maple Streets, Maleny, Qld 4552, Australia

Swift Code: ANZBAU3M (the Swift Code is for overseas people and it enables Australian bank accounts to be linked to overseas bank accounts)



The cost of providing a home and feeding each of the SACF cow residents on SACF Sanctuaries for each year is approximately $1500 or $30 per week.  This ongoing yearly cost does NOT include labour (all work is done voluntarily), vet bills or any other costs, ONLY the providing of food and a SACF Sanctuary home. Due to this high ongoing yearly cost to home and feed the SACF cow residents it is necessary to provide various Sponsorship Options and to enable multiple or group sponsorships of cow residents to sustainably meet these costs, given the various sponsor's individual financial means to provide sponsorship. The sponsorship payment of your chosen Sponsorship Option can be paid in full as a once off yearly payment or the sponsor/s can choose to make monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments of their chosen Sponsorship Option (please arrange recurring direct payments/debits through your own bank/financial institution/financial facility. Thank you for helping the cows!

Yearly Sponsorship Options:

1. Basic Sponsorship: $250

2. $500 Sponsorship

3. $750 Sponsorship

4.$1000 Sponsorship

5. $1250 Sponsorship

6. Full Sponsorship: $1500

Group Sponsorships are available for $1000, $1250 and $1500 Sponsorships.

Multiple Sponsorships - Each SACF cow resident is able to be sponsored up to the amount of $1500 by various independent sponsors before a SACF cow resident is deemed to be fully sponsored.

Thank you for helping the cows! 




There are a limited number of Save A Cow singlets, t-shirts and crop tops still available to purchase (shown in the photos below). T-Shirts and singlets are $30 each, and women's crop tops $25, shipping costs apply.