Meet Anthony

Anthony Walsgott founded the Save A Cow Program (SACP) in 2010 and in those 5 years has saved more than 200 cows, calves, steers and bulls from the slaughterhouse and dairy industry, caring for them singlehandedly to the best of his ability. The cows are spread out between a number of sanctuaries where they are living out the remainder of their natural lives safely and free from human exploitation. 

Anthony is a passionate Vegan, Animal Welfare and Environmental Activist. Before he founded the SACP he worked as a full-time volunteer Animal Rights lawyer, musician, public speaker and educator (previously worked as a secondary school teacher and university tutor) as well as a Natural Therapist (nutrition and natural health). He has dedicated his life and finances to the protection, welfare and liberation of members of other species; donating almost all of his working life and income to helping animals. 

From 2004-2008, Anthony founded and managed the Walsgott Animal Law Service (WALS Inc.) through which, as a volunteer lawyer, he ran court cases in Queensland, Australia, to conserve habitat for wildlife, achieving significant victories. He self-financed important court cases that challenged large multinational property development companies, halting unlawful land clearing, negotiating large-scale habitat and wildlife protection and securing important protective conditions to be attached to property developments. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough financial support for WALS inc. to successfully achieve it’s goals, so Anthony put the project on hold to return to work as a lawyer for a local government who looked after the interests of Indigenous Australians.

The beginnings of Anthony’s awareness of the plight of non-human animals began as a child as he grew up on a farm that had free-ranging cows, pigs and sheep until the age of 10. In this time, Anthony witnessed the way in which animals were treated by humans throughout the farming district where he lived. He saw that what are considered 'normal' or 'standard' agricultural practices in Australia, are in actuality cruel, disrespectful and brutal; usually lead to the killing of the captive animal. Anthony recognised that all farming of animals, in which the objective is to use or profit from the animal, inevitably leads to cruelty of varying degrees, and he believes that the only solution is for humans to not use, exploit or profit from other animals, but to simply live with them as their protectors.

Today, Anthony is dedicated to focusing on the successful future of the SACP/SACF and inspiring fellow humans to save animals and make the switch to a more compassionate, cruelty free lifestyle.